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Japanese History Books

The Accidental President: Harry S. Truman and the Four Months That Changed the World The Accidental President:...

A J Baime
Buy from $2.16
eBook from $13.99

Hiroshima Hiroshima

John Hersey
Buy from $0.99
eBook from $4.99

The Way of the Samurai The Way of the Samurai

Inazo Nitobe
Buy from $1.86

The Book of Yokai: Mysterious Creatures of Japanese Folklore The Book of Yokai: Mysterious...

Michael Dylan Foster, Shinonome Kijin (Illustrator)
Buy from $13.44
eBook from $29.95

The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II The Rape of Nanking: The...

Iris Chang
Buy from $2.45

A History of Japan: Revised Edition A History of Japan: Revised...

R H P Mason, J G Caiger
Buy from $5.95
eBook from $18.95

The Conquering Tide: War in the Pacific Islands, 1942-1944 The Conquering Tide: War in...

Ian W Toll
Buy from $4.11
eBook from $19.95

What Was the Bombing of Hiroshima? What Was the Bombing of...

Jess Brallier, Who Hq
Buy from $1.49

Killing the Rising Sun: How America Vanquished World War II Japan Killing the Rising Sun: How...

Bill O'Reilly, Martin Dugard
Buy from $0.99

Japanese Yokai and Other Supernatural Beings: Authentic Paintings and Prints of 100 Ghosts, Demons, Monsters and Magicians Japanese Yokai and Other...

Andreas Marks
Buy from $21.21
eBook from $29.99

Bushido: The Samurai Code of Japan: With an Extensive Introduction and Notes by Alexander Bennett Bushido: The Samurai Code of...

Inazo Nitobe, Alexander Bennett (Introduction by)
Buy from $8.40
eBook from $14.99

Bushido: The Soul of Japan Bushido: The Soul of Japan

Inazo Nitobe
Buy from $0.99
eBook from $9.99

Horror in the East Horror in the East

Laurence Rees
Buy from $11.25

Pure Invention: How Japan Made the Modern World Pure Invention: How Japan...

Matt Alt
Buy from $3.01

Okinawa: A Decorated Marine's Account of the Last Battle of World War II Okinawa: A Decorated Marine's...

Robert Leckie
Buy from $3.17

Ametora: How Japan Saved American Style Ametora: How Japan Saved...

W David Marx
Buy from $5.05

Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway Shattered Sword: The Untold...

Jonathan Parshall, Anthony Tully
Buy from $16.37
eBook from $26.95

A Brief History of Japan: Samurai, Shogun and Zen: The Extraordinary Story of the Land of the Rising Sun A Brief History of Japan:...

Jonathan Clements
Buy from $4.84
eBook from $15.95

The Book of Ninja: The Bansenshukai - Japan's Premier Ninja Manual The Book of Ninja: The...

Antony Cummins, MA, Yoshie Minami
Buy from $19.91

Countdown 1945: The Extraordinary Story of the Atomic Bomb and the 116 Days That Changed the World Countdown 1945: The...

Chris Wallace
Buy from $1.26

Shinto, the Kami way Shinto, the Kami way

Sokyo Ono
Buy from $4.49
eBook from $12.95

Black Snow: Curtis Lemay, the Firebombing of Tokyo, and the Road to the Atomic Bomb Black Snow: Curtis Lemay, the...

James M Scott
Buy from $17.05
eBook from $31.30

The Pillow Book The Pillow Book

Sei Shonagon
Buy from $8.05
eBook from $5.00

The Chrysanthemum and the Sword The Chrysanthemum and the...

Ruth Benedict
Buy from $1.51

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