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Historical fiction Books

Historical Fiction Books

Open the cover, turn to the first page, and prepare to step back in time! Packed with intricate period detail, real-life characters, and settings that transport us to another place and age, Historical Fiction Books can take us anywhere: from the shores of the Nile in Pharaoh's Egypt to the hushed halls of a medieval Italian monastery. But it's their power to reimagine history that makes novels like these so truly extraordinary. Whether it's a farmer's daughter growing up in 14th-century Norway or a Jesuit missionary enduring persecution in feudal Japan, the characters—and authors—of Historical Fiction Books make sure we see history in fascinating new ways.

Winter of the World

Winter of the World

WWII through international eyes. Nobody knows how to weave a wide spectrum of stories together into one big, bold tapestry like Ken Follett. In the second installment of his series The Century, the master of historical fiction lets us feel what it was like living in the shadow of WWII. Follett accomplishes this ambitious feat by putting a multitude of personal faces on the experience, telling the tales of five different families from different parts of the planet, all of whose lives are upended in one way or another by the war. From a British/American love triangle at Cambridge to the adventures of the underground resistance in Germany, Winter of the World is a wild ride touching on sex, politics, friendship, and more.

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