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Nonverbal Behavior and Communication Nonverbal Behavior and...

Aaron W. Siegman (Editor), Stanley Feldstein (Editor)
Buy from $45.62
eBook from $55.00

Crisis Talk: Negotiating with Individuals in Crisis Crisis Talk: Negotiating with...

Rein Ove Sikveland, Heidi Kevoe-Feldman
Buy from $39.43
eBook from $21.98

Representation Theory: A First Course Representation Theory: A...

William Fulton, Joe Harris
Buy from $36.99
eBook from $21.00

Symmetry: A Mathematical Exploration Symmetry: A Mathematical...

Kristopher Tapp
Buy from $30.50
eBook from $13.50

Algebraic groups and class fields Algebraic groups and class...

Jean-Pierre Serre
Buy from $50.00
eBook from $21.00

Symmetry: A Very Short Introduction Symmetry: A Very Short...

Ian Stewart
Buy from $5.95
eBook from $5.20

Naive Lie Theory Naive Lie Theory

John Stillwell
Buy from $25.44
eBook from $16.50

Groups, Languages and Automata Groups, Languages and Automata

Derek F. Holt, Sarah Rees
Buy from $37.50
eBook from $42.99

Attraction Explained: The Science of How We Form Relationships Attraction Explained: The...

Viren Swami
Buy from $28.88
eBook from $15.93

Basic Category Theory Basic Category Theory

Tom Leinster
Buy from $48.84
eBook from $69.99

Creating High Performance Teams: Applied Strategies and Tools for Managers and Team Members Creating High Performance...

Ray Aldag, Loren Kuzuhara
Buy from $43.09
eBook from $44.00

Undergraduate Commutative Algebra Undergraduate Commutative...

Miles Reid
Buy from $31.00
eBook from $52.99

Model Categories Model Categories

Mark Hovey
Buy from $97.82

Commutative Algebra: With a View Toward Algebraic Geometry Commutative Algebra: With a...

David Eisenbud
Buy from $46.92
eBook from $13.50

Symmetry, Broken Symmetry, and Topology in Modern Physics: A First Course Symmetry, Broken Symmetry,...

Mike Guidry, Yang Sun
Buy from $65.00
eBook from $79.99

Geometric Transformations Geometric Transformations

Razvan Gelca, Ionut Onisor
Buy from $61.05
eBook from $19.50

Groups, Graphs and Trees: An Introduction to the Geometry of Infinite Groups Groups, Graphs and Trees: An...

John Meier
Buy from $18.66
eBook from $52.99

The Psychology of Belonging The Psychology of Belonging

Kelly-Ann Allen
Buy from $8.59
eBook from $9.33

A Course in the Theory of Groups A Course in the Theory of...

Derek John Scott Robinson
Buy from $25.00

Principles of Behavior Principles of Behavior

Richard W Malott
Buy from $1.49
eBook from $121.00

Algebraic Theory of Locally Nilpotent Derivations Algebraic Theory of Locally...

Gene Freudenburg
Buy from $103.89
eBook from $44.70

Permutation Groups and Cartesian Decompositions Permutation Groups and...

Cheryl E. Praeger, Csaba Schneider
Buy from $41.05

Linear Algebra and Group Theory for Physicists and Engineers Linear Algebra and Group...

Yair Shapira
Buy from $80.57
eBook from $21.00

A First Course in Noncommutative Rings A First Course in...

Tsit-Yuen Lam
Buy from $45.53
eBook from $18.00

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