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Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs (Vol. 1 & 2): 50 Years of Research Ethnopharmacologic Search for...

Dr. Dennis McKenna, PhD (Editor), Sir Ghillean T Prance (Editor)
Buy from $50.29

Neoplatonism and Indian Thought Neoplatonism and Indian...

R Baine Harris (Editor)
Buy from $40.00

Interpersonal Comparisons of Well-Being Interpersonal Comparisons of...

Jon Elster (Editor), John E. Roemer (Editor)
Buy from $24.77

Electron Transfer Reactions: Inorganic, Organometallic, and Biological Applications Electron Transfer Reactions:...

Stephan S Isied (Editor)
Buy from $29.95

On the Economy of Plant Form and Function: Proceedings of the Sixth Maria Moors Cabot Symposium On the Economy of Plant Form...

Thomas J Givnish (Editor)
Buy from $58.39

Manipulated Man Manipulated Man

Charles Robert (Editor), C P Frank (Translator)
Buy from $27.21
eBook from $28.00

Reconciliation, Justice, and Peace: The Second African Synod Reconciliation, Justice, and...

Agbonkhianmeghe E Orobator (Editor)
Buy from $17.08

Writing Culture: The Poetics and Politics of Ethnography Writing Culture: The Poetics...

James Clifford (Editor), George E Marcus (Editor)
Buy from $1.99

Women, Culture, and Politics in Latin America: Seminar on Feminism and Culture in Latin America Women, Culture, and Politics...

Seminar on Feminism & Culture in Latin America
Buy from $2.09

The Jews and the Expansion of Europe to the West, 1450-1800 The Jews and the Expansion of...

Paolo Bernardini (Editor), Norman Fiering (Editor)
Buy from $30.00
eBook from $39.95

Yankee Enterprise, the Rise of the American System of Manufactures: A Symposium Yankee Enterprise, the Rise...

Professor Otto Mayr (Photographer), Robert C Post (Photographer)
Buy from $2.92

The Music of Friends: 75 Years of the Chamber Music Conference and Composers' Forum of the East The Music of Friends: 75...

David W Webber
Buy from $3.94

The Politics of Time: Imagining African Becomings The Politics of Time:...

Achille Mbembe (Editor), Felwine Sarr (Editor)
Buy from $26.88
eBook from $23.00

Kant and Philosophy of Science Today Kant and Philosophy of...

Michela Massimi (Editor)
Buy from $37.50

Macroecology: Concepts and Consequences: 43rd Symposium of the British Ecological Society Macroecology: Concepts and...

Tim M. Blackburn (Editor), Kevin J. Gaston (Editor)
Buy from $35.27

Ecology of Infectious Diseases in Natural Populations Ecology of Infectious...

B. T. Grenfell (Editor), A. P. Dobson (Editor)
Buy from $17.70

What Is Life? the Next Fifty Years: Speculations on the Future of Biology What Is Life? the Next Fifty...

Michael P Murphy (Editor), Luke A J O'Neill (Editor)
Buy from $3.57
eBook from $38.40

Perdition Perdition

Ann Aguirre
Buy from $1.16

Science and Religion in Search of Cosmic Purpose Science and Religion in...

John F Haught (Editor)
Buy from $6.35

The Medical Implications of Nuclear War The Medical Implications of...

Institute of Medicine, Lewis Thomas (Designer)
Buy from $22.37

The cold and the dark : the world after nuclear war The cold and the dark : the...

Paul R. Ehrlich
Buy from $11.19

Parapsychology: Its Relation to Physics, Biology, Psychology, and Psychiatry Parapsychology: Its Relation...

Gertrude Raffel Schmeidler
Buy from $17.50

Language Comprehension and the Acquisition of Knowledge Language Comprehension and...

John Bissell Carroll
Buy from $13.07

Nature of Intelligence (Hard) Nature of Intelligence (Hard)

Lauren B Resnick
Buy from $5.88

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