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Collocation Linguistics Books

Check Your Vocabulary for Natural English Collocations Vocabulary Workbook Check Your Vocabulary for...

Jon Marks, Alison Wooder
Buy from $40.25

English Collocations in Use Intermediate English Collocations in Use...

Michael McCarthy, Felicity O'Dell
Buy from $30.06

English Collocations in Use: Advanced English Collocations in Use:...

Felicity O'Dell, Michael McCarthy
Buy from $40.00


Jimmie Hill, Michael Lewis
Buy from $2.06

Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English Oxford Collocations...

Oxford University Press (Creator)
Buy from $3.21


Michael Lewis
Buy from $4.00

Cleaning House: A Chooseable Path Novel for Learning English Expressions Cleaning House: A Chooseable...

Rebecca M Karli, Karen Hannah (Editor)
Buy from $3.47

The Spoonmaker's Diamond: A Chooseable Path Novel for Learning English Expressions The Spoonmaker's Diamond: A...

Mary M Slechta, Saga Briggs (Editor)
Buy from $2.00

Collocation: Applications and Implications Collocation: Applications and...

G Barnbrook, O Mason
Buy from $51.65
eBook from $16.50

Lexical Collocations in Bilingual Dictionaries Lexical Collocations in...

Barbara Berti
Buy from $22.05

Collocations and Action Research: Learning Vocabulary Through Collocations Collocations and Action...

Joshua Brook Antle
Buy from $38.81
eBook from $26.30

Researching Collocations in Another Language: Multiple Interpretations Researching Collocations in...

Andy Barfield, Henrik Gyllstad
Buy from $56.54
eBook from $29.70

Language Processing in Advanced Learners of English: A Multi-Method Approach to Collocation Based on Corpus Linguistic and Experimental Data Language Processing in...

Marco Schilk
Buy from $86.26

Kollokationen Und Maschinenlesbare Korpora Kollokationen Und...

Andrea Lehr
Buy from $197.09
eBook from $196.00

Shaping Writing Grades: Collocation and Writing Context Effects Shaping Writing Grades:...

Lee McCallum, Philip Durrant
Buy from $19.19

Kollokationen als lexikographisches Problem Kollokationen als...

Jens Bahns
Buy from $155.00
eBook from $154.00

Defining Collocation for Lexicographic Purposes: From Linguistic Theory to Lexicographic Practice Defining Collocation for...

Adriana Orlandi (Editor), Laura Giacomini (Editor)
Buy from $103.98
eBook from $111.25

English Collocation Studies: The Osti Report English Collocation Studies:...

Robert Daley, Susan Jones
Buy from $55.08
eBook from $32.15

Idioms and Collocations Idioms and Collocations

Christiane Fellbaum (Editor), Michaela Mahlberg (Editor)
Buy from $70.43

Negative Contexts: Collocation, Polarity and Multiple Negation Negative Contexts:...

Ton Van Der Wouden
Buy from $58.31
eBook from $35.73