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Children's Nonfiction Biography Autobiography Art Books

Balloons Over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy's Parade Balloons Over Broadway: The...

Melissa Sweet, Melissa Sweet (Illustrator)
Buy from $4.17
eBook from $12.99

Who Was Leonardo Da Vinci? Who Was Leonardo Da Vinci?

Roberta Edwards, True Kelley (Illustrator)
Buy from $0.99

The Story of Paintings: A History of Art for Children The Story of Paintings: A...

Mick Manning, Brita Granstr÷m (Illustrator)
Buy from $7.18

The Noisy Paint Box: The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky's Abstract Art The Noisy Paint Box: The...

Barb Rosenstock, Mary GrandPre (Illustrator)
Buy from $2.00

Vincent Can't Sleep: Van Gogh Paints the Night Sky Vincent Can't Sleep: Van Gogh...

Barb Rosenstock, Mary Grandpre (Illustrator)
Buy from $12.71

The Crayon Man: The True Story of the Invention of Crayola Crayons The Crayon Man: The True...

Natascha Biebow, Steven Salerno (Illustrator)
Buy from $4.42
eBook from $17.99

Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, Teresa Bellon (Illustrator)
Buy from $7.79
eBook from $15.99

Painting with Bob Ross for Kids: With These Simple-To-Follow Lessons, in No Time You'll Be Painting Just Like Television's Favorite Painter, Bob Ross! Painting with Bob Ross for...

Bob Ross Inc
Buy from $9.04

Who Was Frida Kahlo? Who Was Frida Kahlo?

Sarah Fabiny
Buy from $0.99

The Story of Frida Kahlo: A Biography Book for New Readers The Story of Frida Kahlo: A...

Susan B Katz
Buy from $1.54

Amazing Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions: You Can Build Yourself Amazing Leonardo Da Vinci...

Maxine Anderson
Buy from $1.99
eBook from $12.99

Who Was Stan Lee? Who Was Stan Lee?

Geoff Edgers, Who HQ
Buy from $0.99

The Met Georgia O'Keeffe: She saw the world in a flower The Met Georgia O'Keeffe: She...

Gabrielle Balkan, Josy Bloggs (Illustrator)
Buy from $8.73

I Am Frida Kahlo I Am Frida Kahlo

Brad Meltzer, Chris Eliopoulos
Buy from $4.66

Jean-Michel Basquiat Jean-Michel Basquiat

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, Luciano Lozano (Illustrator)
Buy from $3.45
eBook from $15.99

The Met Vincent Van Gogh: He Saw the World in Vibrant Colors The Met Vincent Van Gogh: He...

Amy Guglielmo
Buy from $1.64

Linnea in Monet's Garden Linnea in Monet's Garden

Christina Bjork
Buy from $1.14

Seen and Unseen: What Dorothea Lange, Toyo Miyatake, and Ansel Adams's Photographs Reveal about the Japanese American Incarceration Seen and Unseen: What...

Lauren Tamaki (Illustrator), Elizabeth Partridge
Buy from $9.31
eBook from $14.99

Radiant Child: The Story of Young Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (Caldecott & Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award Winner) Radiant Child: The Story of...

Javaka Steptoe
Buy from $1.92

Vincent Van Gogh (Revised Edition) (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists) Vincent Van Gogh (Revised...

Mike Venezia (Illustrator)
Buy from $2.07

Kid Artists: True Tales of Childhood from Creative Legends Kid Artists: True Tales of...

David Stabler
Buy from $1.28

Who Was Pablo Picasso? Who Was Pablo Picasso?

Buy from $1.17

Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum

Dr Seuss, Andrew Joyner (Illustrator)
Buy from $1.64

Georgia O'Keeffe Georgia O'Keeffe

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, Erica Salcedo (Illustrator)
Buy from $1.99
eBook from $14.99

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