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The pursuit of balance in our lives is a noble and worthwhile goal. But in reality, it's one that's not at all easy to achieve—especially in today's complex world of personal commitments, professional responsibilities, and day-to-day pressures. When it comes right down to it, we could all use a little good advice. From Anne Lamott's insightful Help, Thanks, Wow to Randy Pausch's inspirational The Last Lecture, our Body, Mind & Spirit Books will help you strike the right balance among the most important aspects of what it means to be human—mentally, physically, and spiritually. And who knows, maybe you'll even find a little happiness to boot!

Proof of Heaven

A memoir from beyond mortality. Neurosurgeon and skeptic Eben Alexander came back from a coma against all odds, with a startling tale to tell about what lies on the other side of life. Proof of Heaven is Dr. Eben Alexander's account of his life before, during, and after a near-death experience brought on by a devastating illness and harrowing coma. You won't be able to put down this remarkable true story of his newfound belief in God—and how it challenged all the science he once trusted. Proof of Heaven is a book bound to fascinate anyone who's after hard evidence about the afterlife.

Best-selling Body, Mind & Spirit titles

The 48 Laws Of Power The 48 Laws Of Power

Robert Greene
Buy from $8.35

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom The Four Agreements: A...

Don Miguel Ruiz, Janet Mills
Buy from $0.99

The Mountain Is You: Transforming Self-Sabotage Into Self-Mastery The Mountain Is You:...

Brianna Wiest
Buy from $10.34

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life Ikigai: The Japanese Secret...

H?ctor Garc?a, Francesc Miralles
Buy from $4.60

Chakra Healing: A Beginner's Guide to Self-Healing Techniques That Balance the Chakras Chakra Healing: A Beginner's...

Margarita Alcantara
Buy from $2.57

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment The Power of Now: A Guide to...

Eckhart Tolle
Buy from $0.99
eBook from $12.99

Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds Can't Hurt Me: Master Your...

David Goggins
Buy from $9.92

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse The Boy, the Mole, the Fox...

Charlie Mackesy
Buy from $2.60
eBook from $17.27

The Shadow Work Journal: A Guide to Integrate and Transcend your Shadows The Shadow Work Journal: A...

Keila Shaheen
Buy from $15.29

Don't Believe Everything You Think: Why Your Thinking Is The Beginning & End Of Suffering Don't Believe Everything You...

Joseph Nguyen
Buy from $8.83

NIV, the Woman's Study Bible, Hardcover, Full-Color: Receiving God's Truth for Balance, Hope, and Transformation NIV, the Woman's Study Bible,...

Dorothy Kelley Patterson (Editor), Rhonda Kelley (Editor)
Buy from $12.05
eBook from $17.99

Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe Signs: The Secret Language of...

Laura Lynne Jackson
Buy from $7.19

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? Why Has Nobody Told Me This...

Julie Smith
Buy from $8.46
eBook from $14.67

My Magical Choices My Magical Choices

Tamara Rittershaus (Editor), Zuzana Svobodova (Illustrator)
Buy from $8.53

Guided Tarot: A Beginner's Guide to Card Meanings, Spreads, and Intuitive Exercises for Seamless Readings Guided Tarot: A Beginner's...

Stefanie Caponi
Buy from $7.47

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon Becoming Supernatural: How...

Dr. Joe Dispenza
Buy from $9.99

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art Breath: The New Science of a...

James Nestor
Buy from $3.73

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear Big Magic: Creative Living...

Elizabeth Gilbert
Buy from $0.99

Imagine Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, God's Promises, and the Exhilarating Future That Awaits You Imagine Heaven: Near-Death...

Dr. John Burke
Buy from $2.06
eBook from $16.99

The Gifts of Imperfection: 10th Anniversary Edition: Features a New Foreword and Brand-New Tools The Gifts of Imperfection:...

Bren? Brown
Buy from $3.65

Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys Guy Stuff: The Body Book for...

Cara Natterson, Micah Player (Illustrator)
Buy from $2.18

Raising Good Humans: A Mindful Guide to Breaking the Cycle of Reactive Parenting and Raising Kind, Confident Kids Raising Good Humans: A...

Hunter Clarke-Fields
Buy from $7.90
eBook from $13.55

Los Cuatro Acuerdos: Una Guia Practica Para La Libertad Personal, the Four Agreements, Spanish-Language Edition Los Cuatro Acuerdos: Una Guia...

Don Miguel Ruiz, Janet Mills
Buy from $6.49

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One Breaking the Habit of Being...

Dr. Joe Dispenza
Buy from $4.04

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