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Ancient Biblical Israel Books

The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls...

Geza Vermes (Translator)
Buy from $3.79

Palestine: A Four Thousand Year History Palestine: A Four Thousand...

Nur Masalha
Buy from $11.99
eBook from $9.92

Killing Jesus: A History Killing Jesus: A History

Bill O'Reilly, Martin Dugard
Buy from $1.23

Complete Dead Sea Scrolls Complete Dead Sea Scrolls

Geza Vermes
Buy from $7.99

The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the Story of the Flood The Ark Before Noah: Decoding...

Irving Finkel
Buy from $7.92

The Apocryphal Gospels The Apocryphal Gospels

Simon Gathercole (Editor)
Buy from $12.38

The World Jesus Knew: Beliefs and Customs from the Time of Jesus The World Jesus Knew: Beliefs...

Anne Punton
Buy from $9.07

Ancient Israel at War 853-586 BC Ancient Israel at War 853-586...

Brad Kelle
Buy from $7.51
eBook from $7.90

The Oxford Illustrated History of the Holy Land The Oxford Illustrated...

Robert G. Hoyland (Editor), H. G. M. Williamson (Editor)
Buy from $22.54
eBook from $12.35

The Testament of Mary The Testament of Mary

Colm Toibin
Buy from $0.99

Understanding Biblical Kingdoms and Empires Understanding Biblical...

Paul H. Wright
Buy from $41.62

Rome and Jerusalem: The Clash of Ancient Civilizations Rome and Jerusalem: The Clash...

Martin Goodman
Buy from $3.19

The Book of Samuel: The Story and History of David and His Kingdom 1: Studies in History, Historiography, Theology and Poetics Combined The Book of Samuel: The Story...

Moshe Garsiel
Buy from $6.54

Biblical Lachish: A Tale of Construction,Destruction,Excavation and Restoration Biblical Lachish: A Tale of...

David Ussishkin
Buy from $73.34

Child Sacrifice in Ancient Israel Child Sacrifice in Ancient...

Heath Drewell
Buy from $48.71

Israel and Empire: A Postcolonial History of Israel and Early Judaism Israel and Empire: A...

Leo G. Perdue, Prof. Warren Carter
Buy from $51.48

History of Ancient Israel History of Ancient Israel

John Haralson Hayes (Photographer), James Maxwell Miller
Buy from $5.48

The Carta Bible Atlas The Carta Bible Atlas

Yohanan Aharoni
Buy from $49.21

The Horsemen of Israel: Horses and Chariotry in Monarchic Israel (Ninth-Eighth centuries B.C.E) The Horsemen of Israel:...

Deborah O'Daniel Cantrell
Buy from $57.58

Complete Aramaic: A Comprehensive Guide to Reading and Understanding Aramaic, with Original Texts Complete Aramaic: A...

Eric D. Reymond
Buy from $31.83

Masada: Mass Sucide in the First Jewish-Roman War, c. AD 73 Masada: Mass Sucide in the...

Phil Carradice
Buy from $8.09

The Wars of the Maccabees The Wars of the Maccabees

John D Grainger
Buy from $5.67
eBook from $4.50

The Book of Longings: From the author of the international bestseller THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES The Book of Longings: From...

Sue Monk Kidd
Buy from $1.53

The Many Faces of Herod the Great The Many Faces of Herod the...

Adam Kolman Marshak, John J. Collins (Foreword by)
Buy from $27.95

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