The shoot-from-the-hip basketball star is back and badder than ever in his inimitable "guide to living"--a full-court press of all new, wild, raw, and right-on wisdom from the greatest rebounder in the history of basketball. With topics ranging from Life as a '90s Love Child to The Evils of Marriage to Legalizing Pot to the O.J. Trial, "Walk on the Wild Side" is 100-proof and unexpurgated Rodman--a must-have for anyone tired of the same old platitudes and eager for a prescription for a fabulous, in-your-face life. Photos.

Walk on the Wild Side 1997, Delacorte Press, New York, NY

ISBN-13: 9780385318976


Walk on the Wild Side 1997, Bantam, Milsons Piont

ISBN-13: 9780733801174