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The Great Celebration Ceremony: My Genie and Me Series Book 2

by ,

Thinking it's just another one of Jenny's "stories" her Mum and Dad agree to let her go to the Genies' Great Celebration Ceremony. At the Great Pyramid, King Farook, Jenny and Sunny watch as Futuna and all the other Genies receive their new powers. But little did they know that while everyone was having fun at the ceremony, Tulreen, Queen of the Drugons and Zoyrel, King of the Dracks were secretly plotting to take over the Planet Earth and Aurion. Jenny and Futuna return from the ceremony and things start to go haywire when ...

The Great Celebration Ceremony - My Genie and Me Series Book 2 2012, E-Booktime, LLC

ISBN-13: 9781608624300

Trade paperback