"[...]treasures of his armoury. Even then-in the palace of the Sultan himself-the three guardian priests still kept their watch in secret. There were three officers of Tippoo's household, strangers to the rest, who had won their master's confidence by conforming, or appearing to conform, to the Mussulman faith; and to those three men report pointed as the three priests in disguise. III So, as told in our camp, ran the fanciful story of the Moonstone. It made no serious impression on any of us except my cousin-whose love of ...

The Moonstone 2008, Wildside Press, Rockville, MD

ISBN-13: 9781434462756

New & Slghtly AB edition


The Moonstone 2008, Wildside Press, Holicog

ISBN-13: 9781434462749

Trade paperback