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Development of Non-Teleost Fishes - Kunz, Yvette W (Editor), and Luer, Carl A (Editor), and Kapoor, B G (Editor)
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A compilation of the development of non-teleost fishes has so far been unavailable. These fishes include the jawless fishes (hagfish and lampreys), the cartilaginous fishes (sharks, rays, skates and chimaeras), the forerunners of the teleostei: the cladistia (bichirs and reedfish), the chondrostei (sturgeon and paddlefish, the neopterygii (gar pike and bowfin), and, finally, the closest relations to the tetrapods: the lungfishes (the coelacanh [ living fossil], Protopterus of Africa, Lepidosiren of South America and ...

Development of Non-Teleost Fishes 2009, CRC Press, Oxford

ISBN-13: 9781578085002