Abundant fish along North America's West Coast Coast have nurtured rich and diverse cultures for centuries. But today millions of sockeye salmon routinely seem to "disappear" from the Fraser River, chinook salmon populations are collapsing, the abalone fishery is one of several that has been shut down and oolichan populations are in dramatic decline. At the same time, biodiversity is being lost as the remaining stocks are concentrated into fewer populations. Will the Pacific fishery go the way of the Atlantic fishery? How ...

Dead Reckoning: Confronting the Crisis in Pacific Fisheries 1997, Mountaineers Books

ISBN-13: 9780898865141

Trade paperback

Dead reckoning : confronting the crisis in Pacific fisheries 1996, David Suzuki Foundation :: Greystone Books :: The Mountaineers, Vancouver, B.C. :: Seattle

ISBN-13: 9781550545760