This is a classic that returns from legendary author Marion Zimmer Bradley with a brand-new cover. Powers of light and darkness vie for supremacy in a world of ancient splendor. A wounded Atlantean prince washed up on a foreign shore becomes the focal point in an epic battle between good and evil when the full extent of his powers becomes known. At one corner are the Priests of the White Robe, guardians of powerful natural forces which could threaten the world if misused; on the other side are the Black Robes, priests who ...

The Fall of Atlantis 2014, Baen Books

ISBN-13: 9781476736297

Trade paperback

The Fall of Atlantis 2003, Baen Books

ISBN-13: 9780743471572


The Fall of Atlantis 1987, Baen, New York, NY

ISBN-13: 9780671656157

Mass-market paperback