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Ben Holiday, the High Lord of Landover, is back in his rightful place. The evil wizard Meeks has finally been dealt with, and all seems at peace. But ... Show synopsis

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Reviews of Wizard at Large

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  • wonderful Jun 13, 2013
    by terry d

    great book,brilliant service,if you read fantasy books,read the landover series,superb

  • Wizard At Large, Book 3 Jun 15, 2010
    by brjunkie

    Questor finds the answer to change Abernathy back to a full man. (What harm could come of that?) Because of something as minor as a sneeze, the Wheaten Terrier and the medallion are gone! (For someone who must give the medallion up willingly, Ben has a real hard time keeping it in his possession.) In the place of the missing court scribe is a bottle. How odd. It?s a very dangerous bottle with a dark secret inside, and Fillip and Sot covets the treasure. Questor doesn?t remember where he recognizes it from until it?s too late.
    Abernathy finds himself transported to Ben?s world with the medallion. With the help of a little girl Elizabeth, the two do their best to get him back to home to Landover. Being that the younger you are, the more likely you are to believe in the magic, Elizabeth has no problems with Abernathy?s appearance or story of how he was once a man turned into a dog and about how he got inside the locked display case. She loves him.
    He is trapped in the castle of the son of the old king of Landover. Michel was tutored by Meeks when he was still the king?s wizard. Michel learned to love dark magic and was fond of cruelty, especially to animals. He immediately recognized Abernathy for who he really is, and he wants the medallion hanging from around his neck, (to return to Landover and rule the kingdom as its king).
    After Elizabeth rescues him from his animal cage in the dungeon, she delivers him into the hands of a man who she believes can help him get from Washington all the way to Virginia. Unfortunately, the man only sees dollar signs when he hears Abernathy talk.
    Questor remembers that the bottle holds a very mischievous imp. The Darkling draws its power from the holder of the bottle. The darker, meaner, and more evil the holder, the more powerful the Darkling and it?s magic.
    Chasing the bottle across the fantastical lands of Landover prove to Ben that he is not getting them any closer to gaining possession of the bottle. So Ben decides to return to his world to rescue Abernathy and retrieve his medallion. Willow goes with Ben, leaving Questor acting regent in his absence.
    In Ben?s world there is no magic, so Abernathy, (transformed by magic), and Willow, (a creature of fairy), are dying. Because of the science and industry, the earth, water, and air are polluted and poisonous. Willow must transform, and her time is upon her. With no other options left to him, Ben calls Miles, his former law partner to help, and lets him in on what it is that he?s been up to since he left the law firm. How else is he supposed to get him and Willow from Las Vegas to Wootinville?
    In the meantime Questor is doing everything that he can. He feels terribly guilty and responsible for what has happened, because it is his fault that Abernathy is a dog, and that he is gone from Landover, and that the medallion was magiced away from Ben. He continues to travel all over Landover chasing after the Darkling and its bottle. Every holder of the bottle falls into the same seductive trap of the Darkling?s magic. However, the real trouble begins when the bottle finds his way in the cruelest hands of all, in Nightshade?s possession!
    With Willow and Abernathy?s health failing fast, Ben improvises a plan to get Abernathy out of Michel?s super secure castle, with Elizabeth?s help. Lucky for Ben its Halloween night, so Willow?s green skin and hair and Abernathy?s dog mask are easily explained. Their luck runs out as they make their way to the airport when Michel has them arrested for stealing the medallion away from him.
    Questor has no choice but to find a way to force Strabo to help him. Questor realizes that he may not survive this ordeal, but he is more than willing to pay the price because of his part in this deadly trouble. Strabo is the only one remaining in Landover who can leave and return Landover.
    Will Ben be able to rescue his friend Abernathy and save Willow?s life? He made a promise to the Earth Mother and intends to keep it, but first he has to get them out of the police station! Even if he does, how will he get the bottle out of the hands of his enemy, Nightshade?

  • see my other reviews Jun 25, 2009
    by steveyb

    its about piece and quiet if you want it buy a brooks book and the world stays outside.

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