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Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity

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"The press has become a tool of oppression--politicized, self-aware, self-motivated, and power-hungry. . . . In short, these people can no longer be ... + Show synopsis

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Reviews of Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity

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  • Does Cupp live in the same America as I? May 3, 2010
    by JerryM

    I had no idea that the "liberal media" was trying to erradicate religion from society. I mean, if it was, you would expect them to be doing so. But Katie Couric doesn't seem to be doing so. In fact, Couric as a host on "The Today Show" stated on a pro religion in the military piece, "Perhaps you have heard the expression `There are no Atheists in foxholes,' and the men who have occupied the oval office have also turned to a higher power..." First, there are of course atheists in the military, there have always been. Many theists just like to say that because it is easiery to view atheists as cowards to what they believe then as heroic patriots. Second, since Couric is thought of as the archtype lib in the media, why when commenting on religion she shows disdain to atheist veterans? If not Couric, who are these liberals in the media trying to erradicate religion?

    Cupp writes, that for liberals famed biologist Charles Darwin "is quite literally the Anti Christ." What? Most liberals believe in evolution but so do probably most Christians in the West overall and probably about 40% in the US. Second, wouldn't liberals see Darwin in a good light? How is the anti-Christ something positive for liberals, if he even existed? Even if the religious right thought of Darwin as the anti-christ, libs wouldn't. Mr. Darwin was an extremely nice and polite person. I would think the anti-Christ would be a bit of a jerk. Now, most reporters believe in evolution, I would grant is probably true, but they also believe that the earth goes around the sun and they do so because of the evidence for it. As reporters (just as with scientists) they are trained to follow the evidence. Christians should be insulted by the implication of this book that they should be wary of science because it is supposedly against their beliefs. Most of the people who believe in evolution, are Christians since nonbelievers are a relative small minority of Americans and about 1/2 of Americans believe in evolution. To be a Christian should not mean to be wary of the scientific evidence, no matter if it might show the bible not to be quite literal. Cupp believes that science is a popularity contest that should reflect polls then actual scientific evidence for or against it. Again, this is insulting to Christians who follow the evidence.

    I listened to Cupp in an interview with Hannity. Cupp said that President Obama has elevated atheism to the level of Christianity, Judaism and she said they aren't the same thing. Yes, atheists should know that they are inherently inferior to the religious. How dare they even point out they are even atheists. Hey, how dare Cupp point out that she is an atheist at all? I mean, if the president saying there are atheists is offensive, isn't Cupp saying she is an atheist offensive? I know why she does this, it is to make her seem more objective. Christian fundamentalists seem not to be offended by someone saying they are an atheist, along as they grovel to the Christian right. Second, all Obama has done is state a couple of times that yes there are nonbelievers in the U.S. Pointing this out is for some reason by people like Cupp, an attack on Christianity and religion in general. Cupp also believes that Palin's pentacostalism is basically the broad christianity of the majority. No, Cupp, it isn't. Palin's religion had a witch doctor at its' church. Palin's religion is similiar to about 30-35% of American Christianity. Has she ever even done any real research before writing a book? The fact is, if anyone believes the media is not pro-Christian, do they not have Fox News and esecially Fox and Friends. Fox and Friends is much more anti-atheist then any show I have ever seen and it appeals to an audience that desires to believe that nonbelievers deserve to burn in hell as their religion tells them to believe.

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