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Reviews of The Dukes of Norfolk

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    by Michael N

    John Martin Robinson wrote 'The Dukes of Norfolk' in 1983, to celebrate the Howard's 500 year Centenary as Dukes of Norfolk. Robinson is Maltravers Herald, and Librarian to the Duke of Norfolk, and has had access to all necessary information to write this most readable book, and he has done it in a most enlightening way. We have the advantage of being allowed to follow the Howard family 'for better or worse', from the 1st Duke of Norfolk of Richard III and Shakespeare fame (or ill fame), who founded the Dukedom, up to the 18th and present Duke.

    The most influential period of the family was during the Tudor and Stuart reigns when they stood next to the blood Royal (they still do) and participated in ruling the three Kingdoms and Wales. After the persecution of the Catholics they were unable to influence the political life of the day, and for 150 years were forbidden to sit in either House of Parliament. Instead they became great builders of castles and churches, and great philanthropists. Today they are still remarkable as Premier Dukes of England, and Earl Marshals. The Howard's are still 'alive and kicking' and Robinson has shown us why in this remarkable and interesting book.

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