• 1. Oefenboek Voor Astraal-En Symboolmagie

    by Crowley, Aleister (Foreword By The Publisher-Presumably W. N. Schors).


    Seller Description: Softcover. Large 8vo. Dutch language. viii + 186pp. b&w illustrations. This work purports to be a translation into Dutch of three works written by Crowley under the name the Master Therion in Berlin in the 1920s. Unfortunately neither author nor publisher names the works from which the translations are supposed to have been made, although there seems to be a vague similarity to some parts of "Book Four." There is however much that does not seem like Crowley-and in the absence of further ... See More Details

    1987, Uitgeverij Schors

    ISBN-13: 9789063781415

    Paperback, Very Good

    Weiser Antiquarian Books, Inc.


    York Beach, ME, USA