Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy was an English author and poet best known for his literary masterpieces Jude the Obscure, Tess of the d' Urbervilles, Far From the Madding Crowd, and The Mayor of Casterbridge. Hardy' s writing was heavily influenced by both the Romantics, especially the work of William Wordsworth, and Charles Dickens. His writing remains highly critical of the constraints of Victorian society, especially those placed upon women, the poor and the declining rural population. While he achieved...See more

Personality Profile For Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy

The following is a personality profile of Thomas Hardy based on his work.

Thomas Hardy is unconventional and boisterous.

He is laid-back, he appreciates a relaxed pace in life. He is empathetic as well: he feels what others feel and is compassionate towards them. But, Thomas Hardy is also unstructured: he does not make a lot of time for organization in his daily life.

More than most people, his choices are driven by a desire for discovery.

He is also relatively unconcerned with tradition: he cares more about making his own path than following what others have done. Considers independence to guide a large part of what he does: he likes to set his own goals to decide how to best achieve them.

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