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Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag was born in Manhattan in 1933 and studied at the universities of Chicago, Harvard and Oxford. Her non-fiction works include On Photography , Regarding the Pain of Others and At the Same Time. She is also the author of four novels, including The Volcano Lover and In America, as well as a collection of stories and several plays. She was awarded the Jerusalem Prize, and received the Prince of Asturias Prize for Literature and the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. She died in...See more

Personality Profile For Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag

The following is a personality profile of Susan Sontag based on her work.

Susan Sontag is shrewd, skeptical and can be perceived as indirect.

She is laid-back, she appreciates a relaxed pace in life. She is imaginative as well: she has a wild imagination. But, Susan Sontag is also compromising: she is comfortable using every trick in the book to get what she wants.

More than most people, her choices are driven by a desire for self-expression.

Considers helping others to guide a large part of what she does: she thinks it is important to take care of the people around him. She is also relatively unconcerned with tradition: she cares more about making her own path than following what others have done.

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