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Timothy Noah

Timothy Noah was recently named "TRB," the lead columnist at The New Republic. He wrote for "Slate "for a dozen years, and previously served at the "Wall Street Journal," the "New Republic," and the "Washington Monthly." He edited two collections of the writings of his late wife, Marjorie Williams, including the New York Times bestseller "The Woman at the Washington Zoo." Noah received the 2011 Hillman Prize, the highest award for public service magazine journalism, for the series in "Slate ...See more

Personality Profile For Timothy Noah

Timothy Noah

The following is a personality profile of Timothy Noah based on his work.

Timothy Noah is shrewd, inner-directed and can be perceived as indirect.

He is imaginative, he has a wild imagination. He is unconcerned with art as well: he is less concerned with artistic or creative activities than most people who participated in our surveys. But, Timothy Noah is also compromising: he is comfortable using every trick in the book to get what he wants.

More than most people, his choices are driven by a desire for belongingness.

He is relatively unconcerned with both taking pleasure in life and tradition. He prefers activities with a purpose greater than just personal enjoyment. And he cares more about making his own path than following what others have done.

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