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Mary McCarthy

Mary McCarthy has an extensive background in sewing, teaching, and business, including a B.S. in Clothing and Textiles, and M.B.A. A custom clothier and designer since 1991, she also loves sharing her knowledge with fellow sewing enthusiasts. She teaches beginner to advanced garment sewing in a variety of venues that include sewing guilds, speciality and chain fabric stores, national conferences, and online classes. Mary has authored two books on sewing techniques. Her creative and inspiring...See more

Personality Profile For Mary McCarthy

The following is a personality profile of Mary McCarthy based on her work.

Mary McCarthy is social, unpretentious and informal.

She is confident, she is hard to embarrass and is self-confident most of the time. She is assertive as well: she tends to speak up and take charge of situations, and she is comfortable leading groups. But, Mary McCarthy is also empathetic: she feels what others feel and is compassionate towards them.

More than most people, his choices are driven by a desire for belongingness.

Considers helping others to guide a large part of what she does: she thinks it is important to take care of the people around her. She is also relatively unconcerned with achieving success: she makes decisions with little regard for how they show off her talents.

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