• 1. Salute Magazine, Apr. (April) 1947, Vol. 2, No. 4-Gagging of the Gi Press

    by Kamp, Louis; Levitt, Saul; Zinberg, Len; Davidson, B.; Jacobs, B.; Geto, D.; Gilpin, D.; Kelly, E.; Rohrbough, E.; Byrne, H.;...


    Seller Description: Very Good. 50 pages. Photos of gorgeous Myra Keck, of Haverford, PA, inside front cover. Short Stories: Dreamboat and the Mouse; Ex-Champion of the World; He Who Lives by the Gun! ; Articles: Why Vet Marriages Fail; Is Baseball a Sweatshop? -article with photo of the Giants, Rip Sewell, Bob Murphy, and Ted Williams; Superman's Toughest Fight-now he's taking on native nazis and the Ku Klux Klan-article with photo of Bud Collyer and Richard Gibson; Labor Learns from Wall Street-the fight for ... See More Details

    1947, Vet Publishers, Inc.

    Paperback, Very Good



    Ladysmith, BC, CANADA