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Renting textbooks is cheap & easy!

Save up to 90% by renting textbooks

Get your books in a flash

Return them for FREE

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  • Worry-Free Guarantee

    Drop a class? Change your mind? Within 21 days of your rental date, you can return rented books for a refund. See, no worries!

  • Rent it for what works for you

    There are a number of rental periods to choose from and a bonus 15 day grace period to give you time after finals to get your books back.

  • Keeping a rented book

    If you fall in love with your rented book and decide you want to keep it just contact us and arrange a purchase. Then you and your book may live happily ever after.

  • FREE, easy rental returns

    At the end of your rental period, your return shipping is FREE. It's as easy as placing your book in our pre-paid return kit, or printing a label and dropping your book at any USPS location.

  • Check for supplements

    A rental book may be a used copy, with or without supplemental items. Please ensure you either do not need supplements for your class, or that you can acquire them separately.

  • Fast shipping for rentals

    Your rental book ships by a fast, trackable method within one business day of your order date.

  • Use it (nicely) but don't lose it

    While you are renting a book, normal wear and tear is A-OK. After all, you have to use it to score excellent grades, right? Just make sure it's not lost or damaged.

  • Separate cart for rentals

    Rentals are separated in your cart from items you may want to purchase. You'll check out separately, but it's fast and easy—just a couple extra clicks is all it takes to save with rental books.