Why Tiffany Won our 2nd $100 Shopping Spree. Will You Be Next?

Another week, another winner of a $100 shopping spree. Last week’s winner was from Facebook; this week’s winner comes from Twitter. Congratulations Tiffany! One reason we selected Tiffany was that she chose an unusual form of college swag. Instead of throwing on a t-shirt, she went to the campus swag store (or hopefully, perhaps campus bookstore?) and posed with a plush UCLA toy. Personally this Alibris employee has never even seen lettering as a plush toy, and now I want one for my school. We want people to think outside the t-shirt, but there were plenty of great entries that involved old alumni shirts too! If you already entered, don’t despair, as your entries will still be considered for the winner next Monday. If this is the first you’ve heard of our $100 Photo Challenge Shopping Spree contest, read on to learn how to enter. It’s super simple: all you need is a smart phone (or camera), a social media account, and some school spirit for your favorite university.


How to Enter the Contest

cat-shopping-spree-banner Since this is a back-to-school contest, we want to see your school spirit. Post a photo of yourself showing college pride. All you need is to share a photo of yourself with some object that mentions the name of your school, and share it with the hashtag #GetSchooledAlibris on either Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. You don’t need to be a student to enter, so alumni can hold up their faded old pennants and Ivy League hopefuls can show off their Harvard and Yale t-shirts. Remember this is a contest, so be creative! A photo of you frowning next to a wrinkled piece of paper with Florida State College scrawled in crayon is certainly eligible—but not so likely to win. Then again, you never know, so get those crayons out of the box. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember there’s a new winner every week, so enter now!

The Fine Print

Some other stuff that’s important to make extra super duper clear so no one gets hurt feelings:

The Free Shipping logo marks the books winners can choose (it may also be shown in black on white)
The Free Shipping logo marks the books winners can choose (it may also be shown in black on white)
  • This contest is for US residents only. Yes, that includes Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Shopping spree is a one-time use…it’s a spree, not a dilly dally.
  • It’s mondo important that the winners only choose books with the Free Shipping truck. If you pick other books, you’ll be responsible for the shipping, so look for that truck logo, winners.
  • Enter as many times as you want, just don’t forget that hashtag or we won’t be able to find your entry.
  • The books are free, but we’re not going to pay your taxes for you. (This likely only applies if you live in California or Nevada.)
  • We’re going to share your photo if you win. But you probably figured that, right?
  • Contest runs from today until the clock strikes midnight on September 1st. Then we’ll have another contest to enter!

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