The Three Investigators Vintage Mystery Books

detail of the cover of the Three Investigators #7, The Mystery of the Fiery Eye
From Three Investigators #7, The Mystery of the Fiery Eye

Of all the mystery books I read as a kid the series I remember most is The Alfred Hitchcock Mystery series, The Three investigators.

Alfred Hitchcock himself had almost nothing to do with the series, but his name helped parents decide that these books were great reading material for their kids, and in fact they really were.

The main characters were three boys named Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw, and Bob Andrews. Each had their own strengths and together they could solve any mystery that came their way. Their secret headquarters was a mobile home located in a salvage yard, which meant anything they needed was always close at hand. (Remember that this was years before MacGyver or the A Team made a habit of saving the world with an old lawn mower, some matches, and a ball of string.)

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The team can get around in style. The boys have the use of a gold-plated Rolls Royce and a chauffeur to take them anywhere they want to go. Originally won in a contest for only thirty days, the use of the car was extended forever when the boys solved a mystery for the owner. Of course, they also ride their bikes or got rides from others as all kids do. The point is these guys really got around.

There were 43 titles in the original series created by Robert Arthur Jr. The series later continues, even after losing the Alfred Hitchcock name, and other writers jump in as well. For myself though, the original 43 books are the classic ones that I would want to try and collect.

Unlike a lot of books that we highlight on our Alibris blog these books are not always available. You have to consistently search to see when they may pop up. If you want to collect the original editions, make sure that when you search you click on the rare books tab within that book’s listing. Otherwise you most likely will end up with a newer, reprinted edition.

Mystery of whispering Mummy paint 2
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If you remember these books as fondly as I do I am sure you would want to read them, collect them, or buy new copies for your own kids.

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