The Author Corner Talks Writing

Have you caught the Alibris Author Corner on our Instagram? We’re talking with writers about their latest books, how they began writing, and advice they have for aspiring authors.

Jelena Dunato’s Dark Woods, Deep Water combines dark fantasy and gothic horror with Slavic folklore to spin a tale of three doomed souls.

“I don’t remember a time I wasn’t thinking of myself as a writer,” Dunato says, having worked on stories her entire life. For the aspiring writers, she says, “You have to be patient, you have to be very stubborn, and you have to be bold.”

You can see the rest of her interview on our Instagram.

Lynne Sargent’s debut poetry collection A Refuge of Tales examines stories and tropes and how the people they exclude can wield that power for change.

They see writing as a “framework for thinking about difficult problems.” Their writing journey began with submitting to literary magazines like Strange Horizons and Augur, and they stress the importance in finding communities of other writers to grow and find support.

You can see the rest of their interview on our Instagram.

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