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Fitness Authors’ Favorite Exercises Part Two

Fitness Authors’ Favorite Exercises Part Two

Three More Exercises Fitness Experts Love Best Last Friday we brought you the exercises fitness authors chose as their all-time favorites, and showed you how to do each one. When I was putting the post together, I realized it was way too much for just one post. Better to keep[…]

by × January 28, 2015 ×

Bear crawl forward another 10 yards and repeat 10 push-ups and 10 mountain climbers.

Fitness Authors’ Favorite Exercises Part One

As part of our month-long health and fitness celebration, we thought it would be fun to ask fitness authors what their favorite exercises are. I used to work for a publisher who released a ton of fantastic fitness books, so I got in touch with some of the authors there[…]

by × January 23, 2015 ×

Keeping your arms straight, slowly raise your arms to the sides no higher than shoulder height.

Fitness Author Dr. Karl Knopf’s Workout Tips

Which Fitness Books Should You Buy? Which Should You Avoid? Dr. Karl Knopf Shares the Skinny on Getting Skinny As part of our celebration of this brand-spanking New Year we’re getting to know some of the top fitness books to help you tackle those New Year’s resolutions. Everything I learned[…]

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