Read Across America on Doctor Seuss’s Birthday

Robin Williams and Kirk Douglas reading at Read Across America
Previous celebrity readers include Robin Williams and Kirk Douglas

Did you know it takes less than ten minutes to read a Doctor Seuss book from cover to cover?I know this because there are dozens, if not hundreds, of student readings of Oh, the Places You’ll Go! on Youtube, all in honor of 2015’s celebration of Read Across America.

The National Education Association launched Read Across America Day in 1997, with the goal “for every child in every community to celebrate reading on March second.”

For each book read, students earned a piece of the tape that stuck this principal to the wall
For each book read, students earned a piece of the tape that stuck this principal to the wall

Think of it as a pep rally for reading: there’s no one specific event, as much as there are many creative events around the country. Activities include:  scholarships, reading contests, sing-a-longs, local author readings, dressing up as characters from books, and book-themed pajama parties. Celebrities join with local teens to read a book to local classrooms. Politicians make proclamations and declarations. Throughout the month, the Cat-a-Van reading bus will be travel more than 50,000 miles, bringing books, dental care (the van is co-sponsored by Renaissance Dental), and more than $30,000 in grants to schools across the United States. There is an official oath and an official song. And parties of course. Many parties. Oh the parties you’ll know! If into a book you go! Sorry, I got a bit carried away in all the excitement.

Check out this flash mob Roosevelt Elementary put on for 2013’s Read Across America celebration.

Here’s another adorable promo for Read Across America Day.

The date chosen, March second, is Doctor Seuss’s birthday. The chosen book for this year is Oh, the Places You’ll Go! though for the celebration any children’s book shared with a youngster will do the trick. Go here to find out what Read Across America events are happening in your town.