Prep for the Golden Globes: Books as Movies


We love movie award season. Just because you love books doesn’t mean you can’t love movies, too! But the extra sweet spot is when you read a book, love it and then they make a movie of it and you love that too.

It doesn’t happen that often so in honor of the Golden Globes this Sunday we’re happy to report these two nominated movies that started out as equally amazing books.

philomenaThe Book

The Lost Child of Philomena Lee: A Mother, Her Son, and a Fifty Year Search

by Martin Sixsmith

“The Lost Child of Philomena Lee” is the tale of a mother and a son whose lives were scarred by the forces of hypocrisy on both sides of the Atlantic and of the secrets they were forced to keep. A compelling narrative of human love and loss, Martin Sixsmith’s moving account is both heartbreaking yet ultimately redemptive.


The Movie


Nominated for Best Actress (Judi Dench), Best Motion Picture





The Book

The Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort

Belfort narrates a story of greed, power, and excess no one could invent – the story of an ordinary guy who went from hustling Italian ices at sixteen to making hundreds of millions. Until it all came crashing down.



leoThe Movie

The Wolf of Wall Street

Nominated for Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Leonardo DiCaprio), Best Motion Picture

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