New Year New Resolutions

Time to break out the new calendars and planners and create a new you! Change can be difficult and picking up new habits can be tricky. It’s easy to get discouraged or sidetracked and fall back into old ways. Self-help books have always been popular, and their wisdom works any year so there’s plenty of used versions available. Check out our recommendations for some of the most popular new year goals.

Get Organized

One of the most impactful changes you can make is to control the chaos in your life. Whether it’s creating a schedule for your family or taming the tsunami of papers at your desk there’s no shortage of Pinterest ideas to get yourself in order. While they might look pretty, this doesn’t work for everyone; maybe you don’t have the time to separate your socks by color or put your spices into tiny jars. Books like Organizing with ADHD look at the challenges different people face and offer solutions that work for them. Families present unique challenges but kids can learn these important life skills in fun, creative ways.

Work Out

“Get in better shape” is a classic resolution but a tricky one. What does that mean? Lose weight? Go to the gym? Get abs? Instead create a goal that’s measurable: lose 50 lbs, work out three times a week, deadlift 100 lbs. Programs such as couch to 5k make meaningful differences that you can record and see improvement every week. You can do bodyweight training at home, which requires little to no special equipment. Watch those reps go up!

Eat Better

The truth about diets is that you need to make permanent changes to get lasting results. Trends like paleo or keto can be hard to stick to long term, so instead focus on making changes to cook more and make healthier choices. Eat This Not That has been known for years to show simple swaps you can make both at home and eating out to make better choices. Going vegan? You’d be surprised what favorites you can still have and what new foods you can discover. Not thinking of anything too extreme? Focus more on eating local by taking advantage of farmer’s markets and enjoy what’s in season.

Travel More

There’s many ways this one can be done. Travelling internationally is a lofty goal but can be quite expensive, with politics sometimes getting in the way. There’s plenty of domestic destinations you can check out, including national parks and important places in America’s history. Try out a “staycation,” explore your local city or discover things out of the way. Atlas Obscura has sites big and small and have plenty of gems for you to discover.

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