Duane Swierczynski, The Quentin Tarantino of Authors

Severance Package book coverDuane Swierczynski is the Quentin Tarantino of story writers.  His books are straight-up action, with a salt shaker sprinkle of violence, after somebody unscrewed the top off the salt shaker.  Duane Swierczynski does not hold back.  A receipt for This Here’s a Stick-Up, Duane’s nonfiction book on American bank robbery, was found in the getaway car of a San Francisco bandit who’d hit at least thirty California banks.

His novel Severance Package was picked up by Lion’s Gate Entertainment and I hope that someday this project will get off the ground.  In Severance Package the boss has called a special meeting on a Saturday to reveal to the employees that their company has been a cover for a branch of the intelligence community. Now it is being shut down, and all of the employees must die.

In Swierczynski’s Charlie Hardie trilogy Fun & Games, Hell & Gone, and Point & Shoot we follow Charlie Hardie as he tries to save himself and his family from an all-powerful secret organization.  If you can count how many people die in this series it means you can count higher than I can.  People get shot, stabbed, thrown off balconies, blown up, poisoned, and well you get the point.

Fun and Games book cover     Hell and Gone book cover     Point and Shoot book cover

Duane named his first son Parker after both Spider-Man’s Peter Parker, and the Richard Stark character Parker, so you know where this author’s heart is.  As for myself I will be soon reading The Wheelman and The Blond.  

The Wheel Man book cover     The Blonde book cover

I look forward to more books from Mr. Swiereczynski in the future.  In the meantime however please post your favorite “Wow, that’s a lot of action” book in the comments section below.  Tell us why you love your book, and why it is the most action-packed.  We will send one lucky person Secret Dead Men, Swierczynski’s debut crime novel.

Secret Dead Men book cover
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