Donut Day! Win The Donut Book

a doughnut dolly 1918
Now that’s a lot of donuts, Dolly! [Source]
Did you know that in the US today is National Donut Day? I know what you’re thinking, this is probably one of those silly holidays made up in the last few years to sell some product or another. But actually National Donut Day has been around since 1938, and it was started by the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army wanted to honor the “doughnut dollies” who set up camp near the troops during World War I to provide mending, stationary and (of course) donuts.

While it’s nice that women in the Salvation Army volunteered to bring donuts to the troops, the terrible secret is that we just want an excuse to make donuts. After all these reviews lately have had a bunch of healthy recipes, and gosh, we’re awfully far away from our New Year’s resolutions. And Alibris has more donut books than you can fit in an old washbasin. Check out some of the tasty books below, and then enter our contest. Today we’re giving my favorite donut book away for free.


Mini Donuts Book cover 150 Best Donut Recipes book cover Donuts book The Donut book cover Donut Nation book cover Donuts book cover Doughnuts The Donut Book cover image (win this book!)


Donut Day Giveaway: The Donut Book

There were a few things that pleasantly surprised me about today’s giveaway, The Donut Book. The first thing is that it is written by donut royalty: the author Sally Levitt Steinberg is the daughter of the fellow who invented the donut machine. Naturally America’s Donut Princess doesn’t want to only tell you about how donuts are made, she wants share their history too. So this is as much an Americana book as it is a cookbook, with tons of photos and trivia. In fact, unlike most cookbooks the recipes are not original. Instead they’re sourced from a variety of places, from famous chefs to housewives in 1803. In addition to a variety of donut flavors, The Donut Book includes recipes for funnel cakes, loukoumades, olykoeks and of course bignets (did you know bignet means “nun fart”? That’s what this book says anyway!). The final thing that surprised me was that many of these recipes don’t look too complicated—perhaps even a novice cook like me could make this confection perfection. But more likely I will just go buy them…soon.

How to Enter

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To enter to win The Donut Book, leave a comment telling us your favorite donut type. You can only have one favorite donut type, so only one comment counts as an entry, but you can enter as many additional times as you want by tweeting this post. Finally this contest is only available in the Unites States. We’re doing this for National Donut Day so the contest only runs for two days— on Donut Day, and one bonus day in case you were too busy eating donuts to enter on the first day. And, well, I thought I had something else to say but I must leave immediately to get my hands on a donut.

Editorial note: I’m in the habit of spelling this word “doughnut” but Google prefers the simpler spelling. But if you are shopping for donut books, don’t forget to try both spellings as a search term.