Crafting Unique Gifts


It’s that time of the year again. No matter what religion or philosophical idea you subscribe to, chances are you’re looking to provide some kind of gift for someone this month. So have you ever thought about “crafting” this year’s holiday gifts? In a world of chain stores and brand names where the same exact replica of the same exact item can be purchased, why not spend a little time on making a more thoughtful and one-of-a kind gift for your loved ones this year.

Maybe you think you don’t have the talent or patience to sew up a quick wallet or handbag for your brother or sister or an apron for your father that he can use while grilling. Perhaps a tacked together box of balsa wood, lined with a swatch of glued in crushed velvet for your daughter’s first jewelry box seems like too much trouble. But it could be that the extra time you take to do this for the people closest to you results in a lovely gift they’ll be surprised and honored to receive. Go on, consider it! The time and effort will likely provide some much needed alone time, and some concentrated creative energy can only do yourself and the world good.

Here are some guide books to inspire your gift creation. Let yourself dabble in the arts. After all, you may discover you’re more creative than you think and I’m sure your loved ones will appreciate your gift even more.


The Big Ass Book of Crafts

The title pretty much says it all here: you can find an easy way to make just about anything in this guide to the world of handmade.


The Woodworkers Bible

Why not try your hand at a small bench, a picture frame, a lovely set of drawers? Anything is possible with this comprehensive guide to working with all things wooden.


Quilt As You Go Made Modern

Here’s a guide to simplifying quilting, for those who may not have the time to go through the exacting process of making a full quilt.


Sewing Projects for the Home

New curtains! Pillowcases! Shades, shams, scarves! All manner of simple sewing ideas can be had in this fine collection of ideas for your home.


Gothic Knits

Do you have children (or, ahem, adults) in your family who might enjoy a stylish non-Barbie doll? Who needs Monster High when you can make your own unique shade of dark doll.


Handmade Jewelry

You know jewelry is always a happy gift. Imagine giving a smart, classy pair of earrings or a sweet, stylish ring that you made yourself!


Whatever you decide, enjoy the time you spend in creative pursuits. The effort is recognizable, and the payoff is likely worth the time and energy! Happy creating!

Michael Barnett is a writer and editor with associative ties to Alibris as strong as heartstrings.

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  1. did anyone read this reviewers guide to holiday cocktails? save yourself the price of a new yorker–you’ll thank me.