Books for Coaching Youth Soccer

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It is very likely that your kids will want to play soccer. Soccer has grown as a sport in America. With over 13 million Americans playing soccer in the United States, soccer is the third most-played team sport in the U.S.  The largest category of soccer in the United States in terms of participation is boys’ and girls’ youth soccer.

What does this mean to you as a parent? It means get ready to go outside and coach your son’s or daughter’s youth soccer team. Soccer is great for kids because it teaches them to use balance, agility, coordination, vision and social interaction which can determine how they develop physical and social skills. As a coach you will be leading them to all that and more.

The experts will tell you that coaching youth soccer is all about age-appropriate activities and creating a learning environment.  Hopefully the coach’s goal will be a positive learning experience for everyone and not just to win games.

Alibris has some great and inexpensive books that can help you coach your new team.

The Baffled Parent’s Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer

The Baffled Parent's Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer book cover (ISBN 9780071346085_l)

by Bobby Clark

A former professional player covers soccer thoroughly, teaching the basics of offense and defense and specific plans for the first, second, and third practices. The book includes a coach’s checklist for self-evaluation. Its 160 pages are packed with 90 illustrations.

The author currently directs men’s and women’s soccer at Stanford University, where he coached the men’s varsity team to national runner-up in the NCAA Division I for 1998. His forty-year career includes coaching the New Zealand national team, Dartmouth College, and playing championship soccer in the Scottish professional league.

Coaching Youth Soccer

Coaching Youth Soccer book cover (ISBN 9780736092173_l)by the American Sport Education Program

Written by ASEP in conjunction with Sam Snow, director of coaching for US Youth Soccer, Coaching Youth Soccer provides coaches of athletes ages 14 and under with sport- and age-specific coaching tips and advice as well as general coaching principles and information on sport first aid that coaches need for success on and off the field. The most recent fifth edition offers an improved format to help calm the fears, identify and organize the tasks and responsibilities, and bolster the confidence of today’s new coaches.

The Complete Book of Coaching Youth Soccer

by Simon Whitehead

The Complete Book of Coaching Youth Soccer book cover (ISBN 9780809240722_l)This is the definitive manual for coaching America’s fastest-growing sport for kids aged 8-19. Written for both beginning and seasoned coaches, The Complete Book of Coaching Youth Soccer shows you—in concise, easy-to-understand terms—how to organize, motivate, and lead your youth soccer team to success on the field. Included are: step-by-step teaching points, rules and strategies of the game, more than 100 illustrative diagrams, and over 75 practice and competitive drills. This soccer book offers complete, 10-week season plans for each of three separate age groups.

Designed for easy, on-the-field reference, author Simon Whitehead’s proven practice drills are designed progressively to develop maximum skills for both individual and team play. Simon Whitehead lives in Minneapolis and has coached high school and college soccer in England and in the United States for more than ten years. Using proven European teaching methods, he shows the soccer coach how to maximize each young player’s enthusiasm, involvement, and personal success in soccer.

Survival Guide for Coaching Youth SoccerSurvival Guide for Coaching Youth Soccer book cover (ISBN 9780736077323_l)

by Lindsey Blom

When coaching youth soccer for the first time, your best plan of attack is the definitive resource for the new coaches, Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Soccer. This book hits every vital point, from establishing team goals to using in-match coaching tips. Survival Guide has the been-there, done-that camaraderie necessary for rookie coaches.

Get All These Soccer Books at Bargain Prices

All of the books which I’ve highlighted, at the time of this post, have a lot of copies available at the very low price of under a dollar.  I would suggest starting a “Coaching Soccer Lending Library” for yourself and the other parents on the team.  You can never have too much help when coaching kids in sports and in life.



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