Cheers! A guide to keeping the holidays happy!


Let’s face it: the holidays can be a bit hectic and stressful. Now, one of the best ways to alleviate your stress is to turn to one of life’s simple pleasures, alcohol. A sip of dry bourbon, a shot of tequila, a long, slow gulp of your favorite wine after a long day spent entertaining or shopping is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered. The same goes for a quick whiff of whiskey, a dash of mezcal, or a gloriously sweet mojito made from imported Cuban rum. Any of these wonderful drinks can be the perfect remedy to help you relax and calm the nerves as you celebrate the holidays.

If you’re at a loss how to begin to alleviate the stresses of the holidays, we’ve gathered some of our favorite drinking guides to help you out. So, settle into your favorite chair, begin with a few slow, deep breaths, and bone up on your options for a happy holiday season!!!



The Bartender’s Bible

Maybe you like entertaining–it’s not so much about a reliance on a particular type of buzz for you as it is about getting the balance right for those fancy cocktails you’d like your friends and family to fall asleep drinking. Here you’ll find recipes for every standard cocktail in the business, from strong and straight to fruity and fragrant.


Mezcal: Under the Spell of Firewater

Here’s an option to knock your socks off, or put your family and friends under the table. Tequila’s lesser known and much more delicious relative, mezcal is the choice of hipsters the world over. With alcohol content soaring into the stratosphere, you’ll be sure to slow yourself or someone you love to a crawl with this potent libation. Remember to sip!


Single Malt and Scotch Whiskey

Impress your well-travelled friends with your knowledge of the varieties of Scotch. Break out the brogue and convince your grandma she came across the Atlantic on a ship from Scotland. Give her a sip or two and she’ll shortly be regaling all with her memories of the adventure she never had.


The Wine Bible

What is it about alcohol that makes people want to rewrite the Bible? In this, the second Bible on our list, we learn to understand how one might arrive at a certain religious high, a moment of sincere feeling, an epiphany of piquant purity in the process of perusing the variety of varietals available to delight the palate of you and your holiday guests.



No major holiday meal is complete without some kind of finishing drink–a brandy, a cognac, a nice, chewy-sweet port. Decide what will best give your guests the gumption to get out the door and leave you to your last swallow, the twinkling pinnacle of the holiday when you can at last sit back and relax, knowing you’re free to drink in peace for another year.

Whatever you choose, remember to drink with aplomb, with an aim for joy and merriment, and with an open and sharing heart! It also doesn’t hurt to keep an extra couch available for your uncle The Drunk, whose keys you must remember to slip from his pocket while he polkas by the fire. Enjoy!

Michael Barnett is a writer and editor with associative ties to Alibris as strong as heartstrings.

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  1. No way the recipes or text can be more useful than the commentary by Michael Barnett. I didn’t need recipes. I needed validation: yes, I know now, is the only answer each time you make a guest’s drink and think should I test it?