Inspiring Books To Celebrate MLK Jr.

We’ve got a few reading recommendations perfect for the long weekend. They’ve inspired us just like MLK Jr. did with his generosity and conviction. From fiction to non-fiction, historic to present day – these are books that make you think about your part in the world we live in.

A Taste of Honey by Jabari Asim cover imageA Taste of Honey by Jabari Asim takes place during the turbulent year of 1968. It was the summer of love, the height of the civil rights movement and the country was at cultural war. Asim writes fictional short stories featuring characters whose lives are affected by culture changes and questioning the world that they know.

Asim gets that all big events are made up of a million little stories and this book really shares that with the reader. And it’s beautifully written. Historical fiction is favorite genre of mine so if you’re into it, then you have to read this.


The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo cover imageThe Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo is an oldie but goodie. We like it because it’s a story about personal strength. It’s a spiritual journey, but also the real journey of the character Santiago who travels from his homeland to the Egyptian desert in search of riches.

Disguising the story as a fable, the novel is dreamlike and magical, but most importantly encourages everyone to forge their own path in life. And it does all of this without being too heavy. Trust us, it’s great for a soul searching weekend read.



The King Years by Taylor Branch cover imageFor the more fact oriented, we love The King Years: Historic Moments in the Civil Rights Movement. Written by Pulitzer-Prize winning Branch, this book highlights 18 different moments in civil rights history and how they combined to make a historical movement.

Branch wrote three books in the past that he combined into this slim little 190 page package. It makes this hard history readable, interesting and very human.There’s no way to celebrate history better than knowing your history really well and this is the perfect read for the non-fiction lover.


I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King Jr. cover image

For the kids, the book I Have a Dream  shows the text of Dr. King’s amazing speech that ignited a generation, illustrated by 15 different Coretta Scott King honored illustrators.

Kadir Nelson’s awesome cover artwork shows the presence that MLK Jr. had and his determination and belief in our country to bring change.

It’s never too early to inspire young readers.



Do you have book recommendations to add to our list? Please share!


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