Best Thriller Books to Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

Prepare to immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of thrillers, where spine-tingling suspense awaits at every turn. From heart-pounding suspense to jaw-dropping plot twists, these gripping stories are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or new to the genre, prepare to be captivated by our best thriller book recommendations that will leave you breathless and begging for more.

1 | The Butterfly Garden

In this captivating thriller, someone is kidnapping and collecting women. By turning them into his own specimens with special tattoos, this twisted collector is creating his own butterfly garden.

Told from the perspective of a mysterious survivor, this crime thriller will have you flipping the pages to hear all the brutal details of her horrific experience.

2 | The Guest List

When a glamorous wedding on a remote island turns deadly, there’s no escape for anyone. As the celebration unfolds, tensions simmer, and dark secrets surface among the guests, leading to a shocking murder that sends shockwaves through the island community. 

This thriller-suspense novel will keep you on the edge of your seat, eagerly unraveling the mystery to uncover the truth.

3 | Dark Matter

Prepare for a mind-bending journey through alternate realities in Dark Matter, a thrilling sci-fi masterpiece that will leave you questioning the very nature of existence.

When Jason Dessen is abducted and wakes up in a world where his life is unrecognizable, he faces a terrifying choice: is this new reality the dream or the one he left behind? As he navigates a labyrinth of impossible choices and confronts the darkest parts of himself, Jason races against time to reclaim the life he loves.

4 | Verity

When struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh is hired to complete the bestselling series of a famous author who suffered an accident, she uncovers shocking secrets that threaten to unravel her sanity. With her own feelings for Verity’s husband Jeremy intensifying, Lowen faces a moral dilemma: should she reveal the truth that could shatter their lives or keep Verity’s secrets hidden?

5 | One of the Girls

A compelling exploration of friendship, secrets, and the bonds that hold us together, One of the Girls is a reunion of childhood friends that quickly spirals into a gripping tale of betrayal. As the weekend unfolds, buried tensions resurface, revealing long-held grudges and hidden desires that threaten to tear their bond apart.

With its evocative prose, deeply nuanced characters, and twists that will keep you guessing until the very end, this thriller explores the power dynamics and intricacies of sisterhood.

6 | No Exit

When it comes to talking about the top thriller books of recent years, we can’t leave out No Exit. With its relentless suspense and heart-stopping twists, No Exit is a book-to-movie adaptation with relentless suspense and heart-stopping twists.

When college student Darby Thorne finds herself stranded in a snowstorm at a remote highway rest stop, she discovers something even more chilling—a kidnapped child locked in a van. With no way to call for help and a group of strangers hiding their own secrets, Darby must race against time to save the child and outwit a ruthless killer among them.

Young Black woman reading with her hand to her chest and a shocked expression on her face.

7 | The Silent Patient

The line between sanity and madness blurs together with every turn of the page of The Silent Patient.

Alicia Berenson, a celebrated painter, is found guilty of murdering her husband and then stops speaking altogether; psychotherapist Theo Faber is determined to uncover the truth behind her silence. 

As Theo delves deeper into Alicia’s mysterious past, he unravels a web of secrets and deception that will leave you breathless.

8 | Killers of a Certain Age

Four seasoned assassins—Billie, Mary Alice, Helen, and Natalie—find themselves targeted by their own organization, the Museum, after forty years of service. As their skills are deemed old-fashioned in a tech-dominated world, the quartet must rely on their experience and each other to survive.

With the Board—the top echelon of the Museum—hot on their trail, these fierce women must show the world what it truly means to be a woman and a killer of a certain age. Packed with suspense, intrigue, and the indomitable spirit of its protagonists, this novel is a must-read for fans of gripping thrillers.

9 | All the Sinners Bleed

Sheriff Titus Crown, the first Black sheriff in the county’s history, grapples with a shocking murder that threatens to unravel the town’s façade of tranquility.

As Titus delves deeper into the investigation, he uncovers a web of secrets, terrible crimes, and a chilling serial killer hidden within the community. With the town on the brink of chaos, Titus must confront his own painful past while navigating the treacherous landscape of race, history, and violence.

10 | Never Lie

Trapped by a violent winter storm in a remote manor once owned by Dr. Adrienne Hale, newlyweds Tricia and Ethan stumble upon a hidden room containing audio transcripts of Dr. Hale’s patients. As Tricia listens to the tapes, she uncovers the chilling events leading to Dr. Hale’s disappearance, with each revelation bringing them closer to the horrifying truth.

In Never Lie, secrets unravel, and suspense builds, making it impossible to put down.

11 | Ask for Andrea

James Carson, a remorseless killer, has evaded capture three times. But what he doesn’t know is that his victims, Brecia, Meghan, and Skye, have united beyond the grave with a singular purpose: to stop him from killing again.

With determination and otherworldly powers, they embark on a haunting pursuit of justice that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. In this gripping thriller, revenge knows no bounds, and the dead refuse to rest until justice is served.

12 | Keep it in the Family

Discover the gripping tale of Keep it in the Family by John Marrs, where Mia and Finn embark on renovating their dream home, only to unearth chilling secrets lurking within its walls. As Mia grapples with a newfound pregnancy, she stumbles upon a haunting message etched into the skirting board, leading the couple to a horrifying discovery in the attic—a sinister past concealed beneath the surface.

Obsessed with unraveling the truth, Mia’s relentless pursuit strains her relationship with Finn as she delves deeper into the dark mysteries of their home. With danger looming and secrets threatening to destroy everything they hold dear, Mia must confront the terrifying truth to protect her family before it’s too late.

13 | Hidden Pictures

Fresh out of rehab, Mallory Quinn takes on a babysitting job for the Maxwell family, looking after their five-year-old son, Teddy. Mallory quickly finds solace in her new routine, bonding with the shy but sweet Teddy, who reveals his world through his sketches.

However, when Teddy’s drawings take a dark turn, Mallory begins to suspect they may hold clues to an unsolved murder. Despite the seeming impossibility, Mallory is determined to unravel the mystery and protect Teddy from unseen threats.

14 | The Only One Left

In 1983, home health aide Kit McDeere arrives at the decaying Hope’s End mansion to care for the elderly Lenora, the sole survivor of the infamous Hope family massacre. Confined to a wheelchair and rendered mute by strokes, Lenora offers Kit a tantalizing proposition—to reveal the truth behind the gruesome events of that fateful night in 1929.

As Kit delves deeper into Lenora’s harrowing story, she begins to uncover shocking secrets and realizes that the true horrors may be closer than she ever imagined.

Dark image of a woman holding a weapon.

15 | Gone Girl

When Amy Dunne vanishes on her fifth wedding anniversary, suspicion falls on her husband Nick, whose charming facade begins to crumble under the scrutiny of the media and police investigation. As secrets from their marriage surface, the narrative unfolds through alternating perspectives, challenging readers to decipher the truth in a web of lies and manipulation.

With its intricate plot, deeply flawed characters, and spine-tingling suspense, Gone Girl immerses you in a world where nothing is as it seems, keeping you on the edge of your seat until the shocking finale. 

This is known as one of the top thrillers of my time and is an absolute must-read.

16 | Exiles

In Exiles by Jane Harper, a mother vanishes from a bustling festival, leaving her baby unattended in her pram. A year later, as loved ones gather to celebrate a new arrival, federal investigator Aaron Falk senses that there’s more to Kim Gillespie’s disappearance than meets the eye.

Delving into the case uncovers hidden resentments and long-held secrets, revealing that the seemingly tight-knit community harbors darker truths. With Falk’s outsider perspective, he must navigate carefully to unravel the mysteries lurking beneath the surface.

17 | Misery

No list of recommended thriller books would be complete without Stephen King books, and Misery is a true classic of psychological suspense.

Paul Sheldon, a once-prolific writer, finds himself at the mercy of his biggest fan, Annie Wilkes after a car accident leaves him injured and stranded in her remote mountain home. As Paul recuperates under Annie’s care, he realizes that her obsession with his fictional character, Misery Chastain, knows no bounds.

Trapped in a nightmare of his own creation, Paul must navigate Annie’s increasingly volatile behavior if he hopes to escape with his life. With its gripping narrative and spine-tingling tension, Misery is a must-read horror book that will haunt you long after you turn the final page.

18 | The Seven and ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

In this ingenious tale, Aiden Bishop wakes up each day in a different body, trapped in a cycle of repeating the same day. His mission is to solve the murder of Evelyn Hardcastle and break free from the eerie confines of Blackheath Manor.

As Aiden navigates through a labyrinth of secrets, betrayals, and shifting identities, he races against time to uncover the truth.

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