17 Christmas Books to Make Your Season Merry & Bright

‘Tis the season to relax by the fireplace, sip some hot cocoa, and lose yourself in the enchanting world of festive adventures, swoony seasonal settings, and heartwarming romance with a good Christmas book.

Whether you want to cozy up with a moving Christmas romance book or prefer funny books with rom-com tropes, we’ve curated a list of the best Christmas books with something for everyone. Use this list to build your holiday TBR list and shop for new favorites.

1 | All I Want for Christmas

As contestants on a hit reality show, Sadie and Max fake a sizzling romance for fame, but as the Christmas finale approaches, sparks could turn their performance into a real love story in All I Want for Christmas.

2 | A Very Merry Bromance

In the holiday book, A Very Merry Bromance, ’tis the season for the Bromance Book Club to play matchmaker as country music sensation Colton Wheeler and immigration attorney Gretchen Winthrop navigate past mistakes, family offers, and three magical Christmas dates to discover if their love story can hit the perfect note.

3 | In a Holidaze

Caught in a Groundhog Day-like time loop, Maelyn Jones embarks on a comical and heartwarming journey to discover the true meaning of happiness and love amidst the holiday season in a snowy Utah cabin in In a Holidaze.

This modern holiday romance has been touted as one of the best Christmas books released in recent years.

4 | You Make it Feel Like Christmas

In You Make It Feel Like Christmas, Starr Lewis returns home for her sister’s Christmas Eve wedding, dreading the event until her brother’s best friend, Waylon, steps into the picture.

As they bond over holiday preparations and a charming Christmas shop, Starr faces a choice between returning to New York City or embracing a new dream in this heartwarming holiday romance.

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5 | Kiss Her Once for Me

In the Christmas romance novel Kiss Her Once for Me, Ellie Oliver’s life takes an unexpected turn during the holiday season. Down on her luck and in need of quick cash, she agrees to a fake engagement with her landlord, Andrew. Little does she know that Andrew’s sister, Jack, is the woman she fell in love with on a magical Christmas Eve a year ago.

As they head to a family cabin for the holidays, Ellie is faced with a choice between a convenient façade and the possibility of a real romance in this heartwarming holiday rom-com.

6 | Merry Inkmas

In Merry Inkmas, Cash Evans, an infamous tattoo artist, yearns for the sweet and smart Bailey Cooper, but he believes he’s not good enough for her. When a Christmas miracle makes him her boss, their worlds collide, revealing that there’s more to Cash than meets the eye.

7 | Christmas in Alaska

In the charmingly unconventional town of Gold River, Alaska, Caroline finds herself on an unexpected Christmas adventure, becoming the mail-order bride of Paul Trevor, thanks to her matchmaking aunts. 
Meanwhile, in the secluded Snowbound, Jenna’s online romance takes an unexpected turn when she meets Reid on her flight to Fairbanks, leading her to become the Snow Bride in a one-woman town full of eccentric characters, grizzly bears, and the promise of a unique Christmas wedding in Christmas in Alaska.

8 | The Christmas Wedding Guest

In The Christmas Wedding Guest, the Somerville sisters, Reggie and Dena, have their share of heartaches, but the holiday season brings unexpected opportunities for love. Reggie’s first love, Toby, re-enters her life during her parents’ Christmas wedding, rekindling a spark they thought had faded.

Meanwhile, pregnant and unapologetically single, Dena crosses paths with a songwriter named Micah, whose sad past and a single kiss rekindle her belief that a rock star could fall for a small-town girl like her, igniting the magic of the season.

9 | A Winter in New York

When Iris moves to New York to start afresh, she discovers a family gelato recipe that sparks romance with Gio, but as secrets unravel, her newfound love and life hang in the balance in A Winter in New York.

10 | Christmas Everlasting

Get two Christmas stories in one in Christmas Everlasting! Experience heartwarming holiday romance in this collection by Nora Roberts–who is notorious for writing some of the best Christmas books for adults.
In Local Hero, single mom Hester finds herself drawn to her neighbor, comic book writer Mitch. In All I Want for Christmas, music teacher Nell discovers a new love in the small town of Taylor’s Grove.

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11 | Lovelight Farms

In the first installment of the Lovelight series, best friends Stella and Luka fake a romantic relationship to save Lovelight Farms from financial troubles.

With a contest prize at stake, they navigate the challenges of turning the Christmas tree farm into a romantic holiday destination, but what they didn’t expect was to discover that the best Christmas presents can’t be wrapped.

12 | The Holiday Swap

In this feel-good holiday-themed romantic comedy, The Holiday Swap, identical twins Charlie and Cass switch lives in the days leading up to Christmas.

When a cooking show mishap leaves Charlie without her sense of taste and smell, she turns to Cass to help her run the family bakery. As they navigate their swapped lives, love and laughter ensue in this heartwarming tale of rediscovery and finding their way back home.

13 | The Book Club Hotel: A Christmas Novel

In The Book Club Hotel, the Maple Sugar Inn is the winter dream destination, but for innkeeper Hattie, it’s just about getting through the holiday season as a dedicated single mom.

However, when lifelong friends Erica, Claudia, and Anna check in for a girlfriends’ book club holiday, their emotional baggage and a shared love of books lead to an unexpected journey of healing and transformation, offering a chance for a new chapter to begin amidst the magic of the season.

14 | Royal Holiday

In Royal Holiday, when Vivian joins her daughter Maddie on a work trip to England to style a royal family member, she doesn’t expect to be instantly attracted to Malcolm, a charming private secretary.

As their flirtation and holiday romance heat up under the mistletoe, they both anticipate ending it on New Year’s Day, but as their connection deepens, the question remains – will they really be able to say goodbye?

15 | The Highland Lodge Getaway

Lottie, a Christmas enthusiast, faces an uncertain future when the beloved shop, Christmas Crackers, is sold. However, her festive spirit is challenged by the moody hiking expert Blake Dempster. Read The Highland Lodge Getaway to find out if they can find a way to make their Christmas wishes come true, even in the face of their differences.

16 | The Christmas Guest

In The Christmas Guest, American art student Ashley Smith embarks on a last-minute Christmas adventure in England, invited to the enchanting Starvewood Hall.

Captivated by the cozy manor, charming village of Clevemoor, and the aloof Adam Chapman, Ashley is soon immersed in a tale that blurs the lines between romance, gothic mystery, and a chilling investigation into a brutal crime.

17 | A Christmas Promise

A Christmas Promise is another heartwarming 2-in-1 collection of Christmas romance books from Nora Roberts.

In A Will and a Way, Pandora McVie inherits a fortune from her Uncle Jolley but must spend six months in isolation with co-beneficiary Michael Donohue, leading to a surprising love story.

In “Home for Christmas,” journalist Jason Law returns to his small-town home to rekindle his relationship with Faith Monroe after a decade apart, determined to prove that being together means a wonderful life. These holiday stories of love and second chances are the perfect holiday gift.

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Happy holidays and happy reading!

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