15 Dark Romance Books to Add to Your TBR: Mafia, Billionaire, & More

Enter the alluring world of dark romance, where love, danger, and seduction meet. Whether it’s a tale of forbidden romance or a twisted obsession, lovers of romance books won’t be able to put these mesmerizing stories down. 

Dark romance books open the door to passionate narratives and distorted perspectives. Dive into the depths of human desire and traverse through tumultuous relationships with our top 15 picks of the best dark romance books to add to your list.

1 | Does It Hurt?

A thrilling tale from H.D. Carlton, a girl on the run meets an enigmatic man in a coastal town. After a massive storm, the two are shipwrecked and must survive not only the dangers they encounter, but each other. Does It Hurt? is full of intrigue, deception, and suspense, making it the perfect dark romance.

2 | Promises and Pomegranates

Inspired by the myth of Hades and Persephone, Promises and Pomegranates is captivating with its story of obsession.

Doctor Kal Anderson lives an emotionless and cold-hearted existence, that is, until Elena Ricci enters his life. After sharing a passionate evening together, Kal is determined to let nothing stand in his way of having Elena all to himself.

3 | Until I Get You

Until I Get You is a story of a young, charming hockey star who is used to getting everything he wants—attention, girls, and the championship.

When he meets Lyla, she ignores his advances, which only makes him want her even more. After winning her over, Lyla suddenly vanishes, leaving him enraged and seeking vengeance once he finally tracks her down three years later.

4 | The Ritual

From Shantel Tessier comes an enthralling tale of secret societies, violence, and power. The Ritual is a tantalizing dark romance novel about the twisted world of the Lords. This is the book for you if you’re looking for books with dark romance, college dynamics, and intense relationships.

5 | Death’s Obsession

An exploration of the complicated relationship we have with life and death, Death’s Obsession draws the reader in with a unique story of one woman’s relentless battle with Death. When Death came knocking on her door, he didn’t take her soul. What ensued instead is a tale of obsession and possessive love.

6 | Phantom

Calling all Phantom of the Opera fans! Phantom is a contemporary, spicy retelling of the classic musical set in modern-day New Orleans. The story is full of family drama, mind tricks, and music, making it one of the top dark romance books to add to your list.

Phantom of the Opera mask against black background.

7 | Hitched: A Dark Hitchhiker Romance

For fans of romantic suspense, you don’t want to miss Hitched: A Dark Hitchhiker Romance. This story will leave you on the edge of your seat, packed with twists, thrills, and increasing danger. Follow the dangerous MMC as he hitchhikes his way with the unsuspecting Selena.

8 | Born, Darkly

Enter the twisted world of serial killers and psychologists in this dark romance from best-selling author Trisha Wolfe. Born, Darkly follows the dangerous game between a criminal psychologist and a convicted serial killer as they fall in love and uncover the evil around them.

9 | The Emperor: A Contemporary Dark Romance

The Emperor: A Contemporary Dark Romance is a mafia romance of forbidden love and power struggles. Infatuation, trauma, and secrets are expertly woven together to create a darkly romantic tale of survival. When it comes to the best dark romance books, this one will leave you yearning for more.

10 | God of Malice: A Dark College Romance

For those who love thrilling tales of cat and mouse, God of Malice: A Dark College Romance takes ruthless predators to the next level. Killian Carson is the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing, charming and sophisticated on the outside but ruthless and cold-blooded on the inside.

11 | Brutal Obsession: A Dark Hockey Romance

Brutal Obsession: A Dark Hockey Romance follows the story of a disgraced hockey star who resents the woman who took it all away from him. This tale of love and hate will enthrall you from start to finish.

12 | Brutal Prince

Brutal Prince is a captivating story of rivalry, passion, and danger set in Chicago’s underworld. Dive into the world of young and wild Aida as she battles for dominance with her husband-to-be. Explore arranged marriage, family rivalries, and more in this dark romance book.

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13 | The Never King

Return to the land of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys in this reimagining of the classic tale. In this darker version, the Never King returns as a morally gray character who comes for Wendy on her 18th birthday. The Never King delivers action and fighting, in a hate-to-love story you won’t be able to put down.

14 | Tears of Tess

A whirlwind of emotions, Tears of Tess will take you to the darkest of places where love is unexpected. This captivating story depicts Tess Snow, who seemingly has it all until being drugged and kidnapped while on vacation. This book contains mature themes, so make sure to check the content warnings before reading.

15 | Hooked

Hooked is a modern take on one of the most iconic fairy tale villains—Captain Hook. With a steamy plotline and reimagining of how Hook grew into a villain, this story is full of revenge, romance, and striking characters. Re-enter the world of one of your favorite classics and discover who Hook really is.

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