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Alibris Offers Google Checkout to Book, Music, and Movie Shoppers

Innovation investment at the online book, music, and movie marketplace continues with the addition of Google Checkout

EMERYVILLE, CA—June 29, 2009—Alibris announced that it is now offering Google Checkout as an alternative checkout method. With more than 100 million books, CDs, and DVDs, Alibris gives consumers access to an unparalleled selection of items. Now these shoppers have the added flexibility of being able to use Google Checkout while purchasing items from the marketplace's 13,000 independent sellers around the world.

Google Checkout provides a centralized checkout experience for online shoppers. Customers can finalize their Alibris shopping experience through Google Checkout, purchasing Alibris items with a single Google Checkout account. Alibris shoppers may also still check out with an Alibris account or use the Alibris "guest checkout" option.

After launching Google Checkout on its retail Web sites, Alibris experienced a strong uptick in sales among shoppers who chose to use Google Checkout. Alibris is confident that this change furthers its ongoing efforts to improve its Web sites by adding features that satisfy consumers and increase sales for independent sellers.

"We are very happy to see book buyers react so quickly and favorably to the addition of Google Checkout to Alibris," said Brian Elliott, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alibris. "Immediately after we launched it, new customers adopted the Google Checkout option, confirming the desire for e-commerce alternatives and driving increased sales to our independent sellers."

The addition of Google Checkout to Alibris is the latest in a series of improvements at the independent online marketplace. Alibris shoppers recently were given additional purchasing flexibility with the addition of PayPal as a payment alternative. And, behind the scenes, Alibris has been making substantial infrastructure improvements to dramatically enhance the experience of searching for items and navigating the Alibris Web sites.

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