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Alibris Book Buyback Service Pays Students for New and Used Textbooks and Educational Books

Book, music, and movie marketplace increases value for students over campus bookstores and textbook renters

EMERYVILLE, CA—May 18, 2009—Alibris has launched a new new book buyback service that gives students and parents increased value over college bookstores and textbook rental programs. The online book, music, and movie marketplace now pays customers for their new and used textbooks, literature, study guides, and other books. Consumers can still save up to 90% when they buy new and used textbooks at Alibris, so the buyback service closes the buyer-seller loop and empowers customers to make money when they're finished with a book.

Market research has shown that the Alibris textbook buyback service gives those who shop and sell at Alibris the best value, beating the offers of campus bookstores and textbook rental models. Those interested in selling books to Alibris enjoy a variety of helpful benefits:

  • Free shipping. The shipping charges for purchased books are prepaid.
  • Free, quick, and easy use. There's no sign-up required, and the service is fast and free to use.
  • Competitive pay-outs. The service pays top dollar for new and used textbooks.
  • Fast payments. Customers' payments are sent within five days after their books are received.
  • Environmental friendliness. Selling used books encourages reuse, which is easy on the planet.

"Alibris is known as the place to go for great deals on new and used textbooks," said Brian Elliott, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alibris. "Now we're positioned to deliver the lowest-cost way for students to cover the increasing expenses of college: Buy used textbooks, and sell textbooks back when you're finished with them."

Elliott continued by illustrating how the Alibris book buyback service beats the offers of college bookstores and textbook rental programs. "Alibris has been around for more than ten years; we're a proven, reliable online marketplace for students and educators. Whether you bought your book from one of our sellers or from somewhere else, our book buyback service will make you an offer—delivering cash for used textbooks, second-hand literature, and other educational books."

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