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Young, Gifted & Yellow - Yellowman
Track Listing
  1. Mad Over Me
  2. Shorties
  3. Soldier Take Over
  4. Lost Mi Love
  5. Mister Chin
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  1. Mad Over Me
  2. Shorties
  3. Soldier Take Over
  4. Lost Mi Love
  5. Mister Chin
  6. Mr. Wrong
  7. Herbman Smuggling
  8. Eventide Fire
  9. Operation Eradication
  10. Out of Hand
  11. Them a Fight I
  12. Death of Barnabas
  13. King and Queen
  14. Yellowman Getting Married
  15. I'm Getting Divorced
  16. Morning Ride
  17. Night Flight
  18. Top Form
  19. Water Rock
  20. Duppy or a Gunman
  21. Zungguzungguzunggezeng
  22. Who Can Make the Dance Ram
  23. Quite
  24. Bunn the Kutchie
  25. The Girl Is Mine
  26. Ram Jam Master (aka Wreck A Pum-Pum)
  27. Body Move
  28. Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt
  29. Galong Galong Galong
  30. Walking Jewelry Store
  31. Gregory Free
  32. Jah Mek Us Fi a Purpose
  33. Love Struck
  34. Rub a Dub a Play
  35. Rub and Go Down
  36. Bam Bam
  37. One Yellowman ina the Yard
  38. Strong Mi Strong
  39. Blueberry Hill
  40. Where Is Santa Claus? #
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Of the several dozen compilations of Yellowman material available, Young, Gifted & Yellow stands out as one of the best. Spanning two discs, 40 songs are culled together from his prime years, given a proper remastering treatment, and teamed with a bonus DVD of a performance at Reggae Sunsplash in 1988. With over 50 discs in the dancehall trailblazer's discography, whittling down a list of favorite songs is a daunting task, but the tracks selected are all, as King Yellow might say, "cream of the crop," including ...

Young, Gifted & Yellow 2013, VP Records

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