Vhs: Student Speeches for Analysis and Discussion, Vol. VI (2001)


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A Mile in My Shoes (Self-Introduction),2:19 min./ Kiyomi and Me (Self-Introduction), 2:25 min./ A Family Tradition (Introducing a Classmate), 3:59 min./ Questions of Culture (Commemorative), 8:07 min./ The Survivors (Commemorative), 4:98 min./ Cryonics (Informative), 7:06 min./ Mother of Love (Informative), 6:02 min./ Dying to Be Thin (Informative), 7:61 min./ Self-Defense on Campus (Persuasive), 7:13 min./ The Ultimate Gift (Persuasive), 7:02 min./ Multicultural, Multilingual (Persuasive), 47:06 min./ Universal Health ...