The author joins LAPD in the fading "Noir" era and is assigned to Hollywood. Ride with him as he encounters thugs, colorful pimps, and other characters in patrol & vice. MAX is "The crow collecting shiny things---the bits and pieces that color life." He writes with wit and humor of incidents and characters. MAX heads north to Alaska to police the Aleutian Chain, the Pribilofs, and Kodiak Island. He gives a "Sourdough's" insight into some peculiar happenings in the "Land of the Midnight Sun" as he patrols in kayak & ...

Vagabond Policeman 2014, Max K. Hurlbut

ISBN-13: 9781625172877

Trade paperback

Vagabond Policeman 2013, Max K. Hurlbut

ISBN-13: 9781625172860