When eleven-year-old "Banjo" Mongomery's dad builds a doggy door out of scap metal from a government science lab he opens a time tunnel back to the age of dinosaurs. Banjo's Chow Chow, Dino, discovers the time tunnel and leads Banjo and his best frind Lee Wong back to the age when Tyrannosaurus Rex was the top of the food chain and the big question was how fast can you run? It's non-stop action and adventure for paleontologist-in-training Banjo, Lee and Dino the dog. What is the source of the mysterious metal? What will ...

Tyrannosaurus Forest 2010, Action Publishing (Glendale, CA)

ISBN-13: 9781888045611


Tyrannosaurus Forest 2007, Action Publishing (Glendale, CA), Los Angeles, CA

ISBN-13: 9781888045512

Trade paperback