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The gates of Thorbardin.


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Magic and Peril Under the Earth Deep beneath the mountain fortress of Skullcap, legend has it, are the remains of the dark wizard Fistandantilus and the path to the gates of the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin. Buried somewhere along that perilous path is the magical helm of Grallen, son of King Duncan, tragic hero of the Dwarfgate War. The finder of Grallen's helm, it is prophesized, will be rewarded and honored by a united Thorbardin -- but he will also open the gates of the realm to fresh horror and chaos. In "The Gates ...

The gates of Thorbardin. 1991, Penguin

ISBN-13: 9780140143713


The Gates of Thorbardin 1990, Wizards of the Coast

ISBN-13: 9780880389129

Revised edition

Mass-market paperback