The Trio [1973] - Oscar Peterson
Track Listing
  1. Blues Etude
  2. Chicago Blues
  3. Easy Listening Blues
  4. Come Sunday
  5. Secret Love

Guitarist Joe Pass and bassist Niels-Henning ěrsted Pedersen both play well on these live performances, but the reason to acquire this set is for the remarkable Oscar Peterson. The pianist brilliantly investigates several jazz styles on "Blues Etude" (including stride and boogie-woogie), plays exciting versions of his "Chicago Blues" and "Easy Listening Blues," tears into "Secret Love," and shows honest emotion on "Come Sunday." Peterson really flourished during his years with Norman Granz's Pablo label, and this was one of ...

The Trio [1973] 1998, Original Jazz Classics

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The Trio [1973] 1998, Pablo/OJC

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The Trio [1973] 1991, Pablo

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