In the small Hampshire village of Sowerbridge, Irish labourer Patrick O'Riordan has been arrested for the brutal murder of elderly Lavinia Fanshaw and her live-in nurse, Dorothy Jenkins. As shock turns to fury, the village residents form a united front against Patrick's parents and cousin, who report incidents of vicious threats and violence. But friend and neighbour Siobhan Lavenham remains convinced that Patrick has fallen victim to a prejudiced investigation and, putting her own position within the bigoted community in ...

The Tinder Box 2012, Pan Books, London

ISBN-13: 9781447208280

Mass-market paperback

The Tinder Box 2006, MacMillan UK

ISBN-13: 9781405052993

Revised edition

Audiobook CD

The Tinder Box 2005, Pan Publishing, London

ISBN-13: 9780330438506

2nd Reprint of Ome edition

Trade paperback

The Tinder Box 2004, MacMillan

ISBN-13: 9781405048552