This volume includes three texts. The Larger Sutra on Amitayus relates how a certain mendicant monk by the name of Dharmakara, when practicing under the tutelage of the Tathagata Lokesvararaja, made 48 vows to save all suffering people; to fulfill these vows he created a paradise in the west called Sukhavati, and he himself thus became the Buddha Amitayus. The sutra states, furthermore, that if anyone believing in these 48 vows should chant the name of Amitayus, he will be born in the paradise of Sukhavati and there become ...

The Three Pure Land Sutras 2006, University of Hawaii Press, Moraga

ISBN-13: 9781886439184

2nd Revised edition


The Three Pure Land Sutras 1995, Numata Center for Buddhist Translation & Research

ISBN-13: 9781886439016

Trade paperback